A Lookback on Quarantine

A Lookback on Quarantine

March 16, 2021

It’s hard to believe a year has already passed since COVID-19 spread through the world and we were facing a shut down. Last March was when Minnesota first issued their Stay at Home Order and thousands of workers were sent home. While many people are still working from home, we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel as vaccinations ramp up, businesses reopen, and for us Midwesterners, the weather warms up.

We thought we’d do a lookback on some of the activities we did throughout quarantine. As restrictions ease and life gets busy, you might find yourself looking for a quieter night at home. Here are some activities we’d recommend:



Jason and his family spent time together watching documentaries on Netflix. Tiger King was at the top of their list!


Christina enjoyed the lovely spring weather when the shutdown first began. She and her husband went on a lot of walks, did a lot of cooking, filmed videos for Christina’s Corner and had relaxing bonfires!


Jillian spent quality time with her two sons during quarantine. They watched all the Marvel movies in order and even taught her youngest to play chess!


Jen spent as much time outside as she could. She enjoyed running and stand up paddle boarding around all of the nearby lakes.  


Quarantine put Suzanne’s sewing skills to use and she graciously sewed masks to gift to her friends and family! Pictured below is a mask she made for her daughter to bring to College.

Finally, we want to say Thank You to our clients and friends for your patience and flexibility during these times. We are looking forward to seeing you in person and hosting events again very soon!