Minneapolis Metsquerade 2019: Supporting Friends and Family

August 29, 2019

Meeting the Remme Family

My wife (Emily) and I met the Remme family in the fall of 2013 when we moved into our home in Albertville. The Remmes were so welcoming, bring us a poinsettia, gift card, and Christmas window clings for Griffin as a welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift. As we got to know Erin, we soon realized that giving is one that that defined her. From showering friends and family with parties to celebrate their accomplishments, putting together care packages for someone going through a hard time, or giving heartfelt advice to someone struggling with the unknown, or a hard decision. In so many ways, Erin is a giver, and what she sees a need, she is always there.

Our families quickly became close, spending many summer days together at the pool, fall afternoons watching football, and winter mornings at the hockey rink. Thanks to Erin’s husband, Josh, and their oldest, Carter, we’ve gotten ourselves immersed in the hockey life, and it’s great! Over the last 6-years, our kiddos have become the best of friends as well. Carter and Griffin are exactly 1-month apart, and the littles, Harrison and Tobin are just 3-months apart. Josh and Erin’s middle, Reese, falls right in between and is loved by all.

At the end of summer 2016, Erin came over to our porch to deliver some hard and very unexpected news. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Ever the optimist and confident her doctors would know what to do to get rid of the cancer, Erin was ready to fight. She was prepared to continue her life as a mom, wife, nurse, and all-around go-getter. Days later, these hopes were shattered with a stage IV diagnosis. The cancer had already metastasized and was also in her bones.

2018 Inaugural Minneapolis Metsqueradea

Stage IV cancer is terminal. There is no cure. The life expectancy after diagnosis is just 36-months. In the U.S., 113 individuals die each day from metastatic breast cancer. Only 2%-5% of funds raised for breast cancer research focuses on research for the already metastasized patient. These grim facts and statistics drove Erin (again, ever the go-getter) into action. She has developed a relationship with the non-profit Metavivor who gives 100% of donations to research for stage IV cancer. In 2018, Erin brough the 1st inaugural Metsquerade to Minneapolis with 800 attendees and raising over $190,000 fo stage IV research through Metavivor. This year’s Metsquerade will be held on the evening of October 19th at The Depot in Minneapolis.

The Priebe Wealth Management Group feels strongly about giving back and helping where we see a need. We are proud to be sponsoring this event for the second year. We have a limited number of tables reserved explicitly for our clients. If you have a personal connection or feel strongly about the cause, we would love to have you attend this fantastic event with us as our guests in an effort to end this horrible disease, no other mom, wife, daughter, and friend needs to go through this. Here’s to embracing Erin’s giving spirit, and giving for her!

If you would like to join us, please email Garrett Kunz, Director of Marketing, at gkunz@thepriebewmgroup.com. Space is limited.

If you would like to learn more about the Minneapolis Metsquerade and Metavivor, click here.