National Volunteer Week – Our Evening at Feed My Starving Children

National Volunteer Week – Our Evening at Feed My Starving Children

April 21, 2022

At Priebe Wealth, we pride ourselves in our commitment to giving back to our communities. This year, we thought what better time than to take advantage of National Volunteer Week and to invite clients to help us make a difference in the world.

We set up a client event at our local Feed My Starving Children organization which helps feed the hungry throughout the world. With about 25 clients joining us, we were excited to see what FMSC had in store for us to pack that day and where the food would be going.

Our team was assigned Cuba, Haiti, and Greece for packing locations, and we packed a blend of vitamins, soy, rice and vegetables to provide nutritious meals for the hungry. There were several jobs for everyone to choose from at the event, from scooping the food into the baggies, to weighting the bags, sealing them and bringing the boxes to and from the warehouse there was something for everyone to enjoy! 

Overall, the evening was a huge success and our group, in addition to all of the other volunteers there, packed 87 boxes which will provide 18,792 meals to those in need. If you’re looking for a way to give back, look no further than Feed My Starving Children and help provide meals for kids and their families around the world.